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Tuesday, March 15

March Madness

I need to update more often. So much has happened between now and the last post that I am guaranteed to not remember it all. I am constantly thinking, "oh, I should blog that" but then I don't. It kind of reminds me of Shawn and the way he always finds something better to do than shower, i.e. sleep. I support that.

Well, folks, "March Madness" is here. I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite time of year. Except for summer. And fall. But it's close. If I could, I would watch every single basketball game between now and April 4th (the national championship). Alot of the first and second round games are during spring break... how convenient! I set up a free competetive bracket on CBS Sportsline, and if you'd like to be a part of it, just email me. I have been struggling with my final bracket decisions, but I think this is what it's going to look like. Edit: My bracket can be found here (you don't have to sign up to view this one). I have Illinois, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Syracuse in the final four, and North Carolina winning it all. I had a different bracket earlier, but Shawn talked some sense into me at our neighborhood McDonald's. Thanks, buddy.

I am sad to say that last weekend my cat Mo was put to sleep. She got a urinary tract infection and the surgery was too expensive. She was such an awesome cat, and she will really be missed by myself and the rest of my family.

In news that doesn't suck, last weekend Monk & Neagle came to Luther and performed at Marty's. I heard about them sometime last semester, and actually performed their song "Stars Would Fall (I'm Crazy)" at an open mic night at Marty's. How cool that they came and did the same song on the same stage! The show was amazing, even though Trent Monk's voice was a little strained because of a cold he had. They guys had this to say about the show on their webpage, "We just played at Luther College in Decorah, IA and it was awesome. Everyone there packed into Marty's and we had a blast." Pretty generic, but cool to get mentioned nonetheless. I took a picture with the guys after the show, too.

Jake & Monk & Neagle

I applied for a youth ministry internship at my home church in West Des Moines. I believe they give two internships out. I applied the summer after my freshman year also, but Brandon (the director) said that I was too young. I think it would be such a fun and rewarding experience. Please keep it in your prayers.

This last weekend, the night after the Monk & Neagle concert, Undeclared traveled to Stoughton, Wisconsin to perform at the SHS auditorium. We did almost our entire set, a whopping thirteen songs, for a fairly good-sized audience. The song that undoubtedly rocked the hardest was "Florida", in which Mike Lang sings the solo and I do vocal percussion, as usual. I'm not even sure if I am supposed to do this, but you can download the performance of "Florida" by clicking here. We perform a few more shows and have a couple of new songs to learn for the Third Annual Fest Fest, which is tentatively scheduled for May 1st.

My good friend Andrew Stone recently purchased his own domain name and set up a sweet website for really cheap (less than $10 for a year), and his antics have inspired me to do the same. I might mess around with over spring break, we'll see. So be on the lookout for a new and improved blog/photoblog/personal webpage from me sometime in the hopefully-near-future.


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