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Sunday, January 16

Bergama, Turkey

First, forgive me if this post looks strange... the keyboard here is quite weırd. Second, it may be short because İ don't have much time. I wıll probably post again ın Selçuk.

After Kalambaka and Meteora, we went to Thessaloniki (thess-uh-lo-NEE-kee) for two days and nights. It was awesome there. I wish I had more time to write about it. Two days ago we stayed in Alexandroupolis, Greece in the nicest hotel so far - and better yet, it was right on the ocean. I just wish we could have stayed there for more than one night.

After crossıng a straight which I can' remember the name of, we are now in Bergama, the ancient site of Pergamon. The weather is considerably colder here, and by consıderably colder I mean absolutely freezıng.


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