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Thursday, December 30

Greece & Turkey: Itinerary and Info

I figured I would put some information here so anyone who is interested can see what I am up to on any given day and whatnot. Some of this is just info that I have looked up that I think is interesting, such as the current exhange rate of the US Dollar to the Euro, which is currently 0.734 USD per Euro. You'll notice the steady decline in the value of the dollar over the last month. It is even worse if you go back three months.

The weather for Athens will be about 55-60 and sunny for the five days that I am there. Here is the current weather for Istanbul, and the current satellite for all of Europe.

I bought the book Angels & Demons by Dan Brown for reading on my trip, and started reading it last night. It's the "prequel" to The Da Vinci Code. I've never read the Code but what I have read of Angels & Demons so far is really good. I digress.

1/3 - Travel to Minneapolis
1/4 - Leave from Minneapolis, USA
1/5 - Arrive in Athens, Greece
1/6 - Athens, Greece
1/7 - Athens, Greece
1/8 - Athens, Greece
1/9 - Athens, Greece
1/10 - Meteora, Greece
1/11 - Meteora, Greece
1/12 - Thessaloniki, Greece
1/13 - Thessaloniki, Greece
1/14 - Alexandroupolis, Greece
1/15 - Bergama, Turkey
1/16 - Bergama, Turkey
1/17 - Pamukkale, Turkey
1/18 - Seljuk, Turkey (Hieropolis springs)
1/19 - Seljuk, Turkey (Didyma)
1/20 - Seljuk, Turkey
1/21 - Seljuk, Turkey
1/22 - Istanbul, Turkey (Aya Sofia)
1/23 - Istanbul, Turkey (Sultanahmet)
1/24 - Istanbul, Turkey (Topkapi Palace)
1/25 - Leave for Minneapolis, USA

I mentioned this before, but I am going to try my best to update this blog throughout the trip. I don't know if/when/how I will have access to the internet, but if/when I do, I will definately post. Please leave comments below where it says "(#) comments" so that I may keep up with you as well. All comments are forwarded directly to my email.


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