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Thursday, March 17

End O' the Week Link Bonanza

iPods and Poker: A good article from CardPlayer magazine about randomness in poker and the need for the human mind to create patters when in fact they don't exist.

DMB's new single: AOL First Listen provides Dave Matthews Band's new single, "American Baby." It's funky, and I am still trying to decide if I like it or not.

How to never miss a TV episode: with BitTorrent and RSS. You can actually have any TV show you want delivered directly to your hard drive in great resolution without any commercials.

NCAA Tournament Schedule: Just what it says.

Pedro's house is for sale: $105,000 for the house Pedro lived in in Napoleon Dynamite. You just know some idiot die-hard fan is going to buy it.

The LG VX8100
: The cell phone of my dreams. Literally... I have dreams about this bad boy.

St. Patrick's Day: The History Channel gives us some history (obviously) of St. Patricks day, and you can even watch a video clip about it.

Kiss me, I'm Irish.


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